The next stage of Industrial Revolution with IoT

by | Apr 5, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

Time and again, the Internet of Things has proved that the tech has a massive potential than simply curating home security and smart televisions. Internet of Things devices are comprised of sensors and connected devices, and these bring endless possibilities in the field of manufacturing industry. The continued implementation of the Internet of Things technology is expected to creak a spark and give rise to the 4th industrial revolution.

The analytics of advanced manufacturing can unlock true intelligence regarding production and industrial plants for improving operations. They can drive a higher level of performance and comes with continuous improvement guide. Nevertheless, there are some sectors which voice the concerns related to the weak security that IoT is notoriously famous for. On the other hand, the device management is also a concern when it comes to IoT as the modern day manufacturers are in dire need of cutting edge security to adopt a much more efficient process to manufacture.

The procreation that the Internet of Things holds is not a big surprise to the world in the year 2019. The IoT devices have already made it to the homes across the globe, and people have fallen in love with these devices. In the US around 79 percent of the consumers have bought at least one internet-connected device, and the same goes for the warehouses in America.

The market analysts of Forbes said that when it comes to the adaptation of the connected devices which are used in the manufacturing industry are simply going to be double between 2017 – 2020. There has been a continuous integration of the Internet of Things manufacturing devices. These are turning into a crucial component when it comes to digitizing the industrial plants and factories. IoT is going to help the industrial sector to reach their true potential in the foreseeable future.

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