Zededa raised $16 million to develop IoT device management software

by | Feb 26, 2019 | IoT Companies

By the looks of it, the edge computing has been bearing the earmarks of being a very vexatious word; nevertheless, it is not recommended to distract from the growth of the market all over the world, The revenue of Internet of Things has been predicted to hit around $1.7 trillion when 2020 arrives. By the end of 2019, the number of Internet of Things devices which are connected to the internet is going to exceed more than 23 billion, based on the analysts at the CB Insights.

In the wake of the continual growth of the industry, all organizations do not feel that they are ready for it. A recent survey was carried out by Kaspersky Lab. According to the survey, around 54 per cent of the risk is intimately connected with the integration and connectivity of the Internet of Things ecosystem. And this is considered to be a significant challenge.

Zededa is very anxious as it wants to supply the solutions. Roman Shaposhnik, Erik Nordmark, Vijay Tapaskar and Said Ouissal co-founded the edge virtualization startup in the year 2016. As of now, the co-founders have revealed that they managed to secure funding of $16 million in the financing which was embarked by Lux Capital as well as Energize Ventures.

The company Zededa which is based in California, Santa Clara, and in India, has an obvious intent to put the newly found capital for expanding their workforce as well as their infrastructure. The CEO of Zededa, Ouissal said that deploying, building and running the apps at the edge is regarded to be as easy and as secure as to an organization. The cloud-agnostic, real-time hardware suite strengthens the deployment of apps over any of the edge network.

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