Worldwide IoT partnership will help in making the Arizona Town advance

by | Jun 26, 2019 | IoT News

A native town in Arizona, which has a long history of adopting a smart city initiative, has recently launched a groundbreaking IoT lab. The implementation would make sure that the public start getting engaged regarding the cybersecurity. On the other hand, IoT security lab will also advance a program which has been specifically designed for securing the general infrastructure of the community.

It was only a year ago that the town of Florence has reportedly partnered alongside Subex. By the looks of it, Subex is a global company that specializes in critical infrastructure solutions for security. Moreover, the partnership will advance on the cybersecurity research along with the development that can easily be scaled as well as used by different other communities.

Arizona is also considered as the city which pioneered the implementation of the Internet of Things. On the other hand, the company is also looking forward to work toward making end-to-end cybersecurity a reality in Florence. Given that Subex is based in Bangalore, India, it has partnered with many countries around the world. Subex has also been using the town as the ultimate testing ground for new products as well as security.

Brent Billingsley, the Manager of Arizona, said that they want to curate a few new tools that they would be able to sell to the regional government. These tools will aid in protecting the public infrastructure by bringing in new solutions.

Subex created cutting edge security solutions for the government of Arizona. The IT manager, Trenton Shaffer said that most of the research for Subex depends on finding vulnerable or weak spots in the infrastructure of the community and create. Moreover, Subex also creates robust security solutions in those areas. The Internet of Things lab targets a younger audience for encouraging the young people residing in Arizona for investing in their knowledge and skills related to IoT.

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