WootCloud will help OpenSource and massive IoT community

by | Mar 6, 2019 | IoT Companies

One of the most unconventional and out of the box Internet of Things cybersecurity company, WootCloud has officially revealed a worldwide experimentation initiative for helping the OpenSource as well as the Internet of Things community which identifies Internet of Things cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

The division of research of WootCloud, WootCloud Labs has been addressing a critical mission which is the absolute requirement of the global business scenario. By utilizing the Artificial Intelligence, Neural Network technology, Machine Learning, the research division is directing and managing detailed research along with analysis for identifying the threats related to the Internet of Things which were previously undetected historically.

WootCloud Labs is going to working with several Internet of Things companies as well as organizations through a responsible disclosure for alerting the broader Internet of Things community of the vulnerabilities. The research firm is also trying to prevent the attacks on the devices even before they take place.

By the looks of it, there will be around 38.5 billion Internet of Things connected devices by the end of 2020. This brings down to a simple estimation which states that the solutions related to cybersecurity are going to reach more than $6 billion all around the world by 2023, according to the reports of Juniper Research.

The CTO and founder of WootCloud, Srinivas Akella said that there are millions of smart devices that people possess all around the world. These devices are creating a massive environment which is inviting attackers to jeopardize the devices completely. The people behind the WootCloud labs want to deliver proper insights to the community of the Internet of Things. It will eventually increase businesses due to the information they will be provided with by WootCloud. The information is going to help the businesses to overcome exposures, vulnerabilities as well as exploits.

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