Lighting is one of the major business fields that Wipro deals with. It comes under the Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting. The company has gone for the tie-up with Schreder to improve the market of outdoor lighting solutions and products in India. These products will work under the IoT related application for smart campus and cities. As per the latest iot updates, some initiatives have been taken by the company already.

The Focus

The main focus of Wipro Lighting is to exploit the patented technology of Schreder and light up the smart campuses and cities. The Schreder also has a technology patented under which the smart outdoor lightings work. Wipro believes that incorporating smart light technology can increase safety in various buildings and campuses for residence. The company is keen upon the fact that Schreder can easily meet the advanced lighting needs of modern urban India.

Major Initiatives and Thoughts of the CEOs

As per the agreement between the CEOs of both the companies, India will manufacture a few products related to the outdoor lighting. This will provide India with setting up new manufacturing industry for the outdoor lightings.

As per the iot updates, Schreder CEO is also looking into this matter as a way to expand a joint-venture business. Both the CEOs are sure that the tie-up would help them to develop their service in the Indian Market.

The Marketing Director of Schreder focused on the fact that India is rapidly changing into a smart country. In such a scenario, both the companies can jointly deliver the services that can improve the lighting of the leading smart cities using IoT technology.

Both companies are now eager to focus on a sustainable environment where smart lighting is incorporated.