WiFi provides the best in class security for IoT

by | Jul 26, 2019 | IoT Companies

Connecting the cutting-edge and robust Internet of Things devices can be a hassle. There is a wide array of the network that the users can choose if they want to use the Internet of Things devices. Moreover, the Internet of Things devices comes with significant advantages as well as disadvantages.

The IoT devices also comes with several use cases. When it comes to choosing a preference to connect the IoT device with internet WiFi is the most reliable source. The WiFi network connectivity is available in several places; however, the range of the WiFi network connectivity is minimal. It is also said that WiFi is not appropriate for the Internet of Things implementations.

Aerohive Networks suggests that WiFi is evolving to aid the IT address the complexities and challenges of the security with the IoT devices. The Aerohive sells the solutions concerning the cloud-management. Recently, Extreme Networks did acquire Extreme Networks for around $272 million. Mathew Edwards, the product marketing director of Aerohive, said via an email that WiFi is going to bring a significant range of security advantages. It would be in contrast to other Internet of Things network choices.

The problem might not seem like it is trivial. However, Gartner said that in the past three years, one among five different organizations have gone through the Internet of Things attacks. On the other hand, the more and more the Internet of Things devices are coming online, attacks on the IoT Devices are continuing to grow.

There are significant benefits of WiFi, which makes sure that the IoT devices might have the upper hand. WiFi technology has been around for more than two decades. So, if the organizations and the enterprises make advancements to their WiFi routers and devices that enable WiFi, then there would be a highly likely chance that IoT will have better security protocols.

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