What kind of impact will IoT have on the future?

by | Aug 9, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

The Internet of Things industry is seeing a rapid growth; now, the number of connected devices is said to cross 20 billion adoptions by the end of 2020. It is remarkable to note how important the Internet of Things has become in the world. Moreover, the growth of the Internet of Things industry is due to the simultaneous increase of cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Nevertheless, even if the Internet of Things is witnessing massive growth, the leaders of the industry do not believe that the current cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity can keep up with the advancement. In the meantime, the 5G mobile and Wi-Fi network connectivity is on the verge of deployment.

The experts are suggesting that 5G would present quite maximized and estimable opportunities to the Internet of Things industry. With the incorporation of 5G connectivity in the IoT device, smart cities will become increasingly intelligent. When a city is deemed to be smart, it needs to have a minimum level of consideration in its availability concerning IoT. IoT will be beneficial to shape smart cities as the data can provide a definitive smart town, a province where finding a parking spot will be easy.

The future of the Internet of Things is also dependent on smart appliances. By the looks of it, the Internet of Things has already made its way to people’s homes. Currently, most of the houses across the US feature the IoT Amazon speakers, Nest thermostats. These devices were the first generation of IoT home appliance device. In addition to this, smart refrigerators also can monitor stored food as it reaches to a date of expiration.

Internet of Things will also bring forward the cutting-edge vending machines. The conventional vending machines are still traditional. Integration of IoT in the vending machines will help in making selections better. It would also give rise to a better distribution of products.

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