The Internet of Things (IoT) technology is evolving gradually. Every year we witness some small to big advancements going on in this field. Now that we have already entered into 2019 let us check out what all we can expect from IoT this year.

5G will enter into the picture

5G has received a lot of hype in recent years. But people have to understand that technology does not exist in a vacuum. Just because some new technology has been built; just because the users know what is possible; that does not signify it has got the infrastructure for functioning at a bigger level. This is an issue that has been witnessed with IoT. Our present 4G LTE and WiFi structure is not sufficiently fast to let devices connect meaningfully. 5G is finally advancing to the stage in which it can help in correcting that issue.

Data sensors will spread

This year we will most probably witness a large influx of the data sensors and a strong push for the standardization of the sensors. Because of this, we can begin enjoying a completely cohesive and connected supply chain.

Cybersecurity will improve

For IoT to advance further, the other technologies also require acting together. A big reason why some business enterprises have been quite hesitant for adopting IoT technology is that these enterprises know the inherent threat in connecting every data of their company to the outside world. This year, we will witness the technologists using techs such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain for adding some robust safety parameters to the IoT network.

IoT technology will be experiencing a lot of advancements shortly. We can be hopeful to witness the above mentioned IoT trends this year.

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