What IIoT means for Ireland?

by | Aug 13, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

If a technology enthusiast or experts look at the fundamentals of the Internet of Things from the eyes of a developer, things will shape into a different perspective. Some hypes surrounding the Internet of Things; on the other hand, there is also something very realistic about the technology. However, the real question is, how IoT could benefit a place such as Ireland?

People fall in love with the cutting-edge and new technological revolution. Most of these things are quite exciting and edgy. On the other hand, the technological revolution also makes people want to change to come sooner. Nevertheless, the people of Ireland wonder whether the Internet of Things will bring revolution or it is a bubble ready to burst.

Most of the developing teams in the Togan Labs have been seen embedding the computer technology which can be easily programmed. These people said that the devices make them explicitly smarter. On top of that, these devices connect them to a singular network. IoT is currently in the same position as cell phones, and the internet was in the past. However, in almost two decades, the world has seen a massive change due to both technological advancements.

In the meantime, the world is witnessing a gradual technology evolution other than a complete and unorthodox revolution. Moreover, the development that IoT has brought forward carries a much more hefty price tag than another technological advancement. The intel 4004 is usually said to be the first microcontroller which came into being back in the year 1971.

If the microcontroller were sold today, then it would be around $369.21 in the present-day. As of now, a buyer can acquire an utterly programmable microprocessor board in a couple of dollars. The shift in price has so far revolutionized the economics of the consumer and industrial electronics The modern-day device are both cheaper and better than the old microcontrollers. IoT might change a lot of things in Ireland.

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