Industrial IoT World is an event where various companies showcase their newest technologies capable of integrating with IoT to help industries and companies achieve new heights.

Today’s era is fond of cloud computing and the necessity of storing and processing data increases every day for business organizations. The volume of the data is increasing day by day which is adding up additional cost for the cloud storage. Old and modern vehicles that are automated generate terabytes of data every day from the dashboard cameras, assistance mapping systems, communication systems, safety sensors and lot more.

Similarly, the industrial space is also being affected due to high generation of data and therefore digital transformation becomes essential here. By taking this into concern, Western digital launches 64 layer 3D NAND product to meet the storage requirement of the industrial companies. These 3D NAND products are an efficient technology for edge-computing, manufacturing systems, drones, cameras, robotics, gateways and much more.

Western Digital is looking forward to thriving in all the sectors of the industry including mobile, automotive and embedded devices as said by the director of Western Digital, Samuel Yu. The data center was initially the hub for storing and processing the data but the increasing demands of edge computing in the industrial environments makes it troublesome for the data centers to store and process the data.

As Samuel Yu mentioned, Data is today an insight which is extracted for values and improvement of the industry. Full automation operation and the implementation of AI and IoT is the mission of major industrial companies today.

Storage plays a greater role in implementing AI and IoT integration in the industries. Western Digital announces 3D 64 layer NAND IoT product to fulfill the storage spectrum of the industries. Its integration with IoT makes it more applicable to withstand temperature fluctuations along with a huge storage array.

Western Digital claims that they work with their clients and customers to understand their need for storage requirements and delivers the portfolios accordingly. Western Digital is one of the major storage companies and its new 3D NAND IoT product is going to help the industries excel.

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