WebNMS steps into industrial IoT space

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Press Release

WebNMS, the IoT division of Zoho Corporation, has entered the industrial IoT (Internet of Things) space this year.

Karen Ravindranath, Program Head, WebNMS IoT, told BusinessLine that Zoho Corporation is eyeing the market potential in India to expand.

“While consumer IoT (for instance, smart watches) is one space that is witnessing a huge traction, we foresee good adoption in the B2B space as well. The IoT division empowers SMEs and medium enterprises by offering industry/vertical specific solutions that are ready to be deployed without complex coding or extensive development processes,” said Ravindranath.

Ravindranath said, “The whole ecosystem of hardware devices is changing with technology developments like IoT. Connected devices are the order of the day and would be more so in the future. We help device manufacturers and OEMs create new IoT-enabled smart products by integrating the device data to our (IoT) platform for a complete solution. We are vendor agnostic.”

The division is currently working with Coimbatore-based SMEs that are in the embedded and electronics manufacturing space, by helping them create smart products with specialised IoT solutions.

“While IoT adoption is on the rise, vertical specific knowledge for IoT jobs is still hard to come by. We decided to engage with universities to support them in talent development,” she said.


This news was previously published on: https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/info-tech/webnms-steps-into-industrial-iot-space/article29271494.ece

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