WebNMS of Zoho Corp teams up with HMS Neworks

by | Jul 10, 2019 | IoT Companies

The Internet of Thing division of Zoho Corporation, WebNMS said that it would take a shot at the Industrial Internet of Things sphere. According to Zoho Corp, the company will be able to achieve this feat by combining its forces with that of the industrial management equipment of HMS Networks.

Moreover, WebNMS would aid the company in the sphere of IIoT by using cases such as process and remote monitoring and optimization. On the other hand, WebNMS would also assist in optimizing, trace the quality, predictive maintenance and lastly take stalk of asset cycle management. Furthermore, it would also help in tracking the fleet, monitoring assets remotely and even in control.

According to the director of WebNMS, Karen Ravindranath, it is a comprehensive ecosystem comprising a compatible software as well as hardware. It is also a game-changer that would deliver robust and cutting-edge Internet of Things solutions. With the help of this partnership, the vast set of devices for industrial communication are integrated into the Internet of Things platform of WebNMS. It is also going to facilitate simplified and fast IIoT deployment and Application development.

By the looks of it, the ecosystem, along with the hardware and cutting-edge software, would aid Zoho Corp to move towards the future. IoT has become an essential component of distinctive industries around the world. On top of that, the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution of Industry 4.0 is right around the corner. IoT would aid in the industries around the world to reach its true potential.

HMS manufactures and curates different products under brands such as Ixxat, Anybus and Ewon. Moreover, it will also facilitate in making communication for the solutions to build automation via Intesis, its principal subsidiary. According to Chip Main, there is a growing variety of applications, and they see a robust need to partner with specialized software companies.

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