Web hackers are targeting IoT-connected gas pumps

by | Sep 11, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

The cybercriminal across the world are turning their unprecedented attention to the hacking of the Internet of Things devices. The main reason behind targeting the Internet of Things are these products generate data. On the other hand, there is this one smart device which has caught the attention of the hackers.

For a long time now, the routers have become the top target for cyberattacks which takes place in the Internet of Things. In addition to this, there is a massive amount of discussion in several underground forums which focuses on compromising the gas pumps which are connected to the internet.

The new target has been uncovered by the researchers at a firm, namely, Trend Micro. Trend Micro has carried out the examination of the marketplaces of the dark web in five distinctive languages Portuguese, Arabic, English, Spanish and Russian. In the distinctive report concerning the Cyber Crime Underground described how the Russian market had become a unique place for distinctive underground communities. By virtue of this, the cybercriminal is extremely keen on making money from the exploits as well as the attacks.

In one way, this has already been achieved by the hackers who are selling the completely modified smart meters after the legislation of the Russian government. It mandates the electricity meters in the country, and it also should be replaced by the smart meters present online.

Criminals have begun to modify the firmware of the devices given that alterations appear around the devices which were exploited. The devices can easily trick them to keep tabs on the readings. By the looks of it, this also suggests that the users around the world are going to have lower bills.

The users present in the Russian underground forums have been requesting the additional information on how they can hack the gas pumps. The tutorials are also available concerning the commercial pumps’ inner workings.

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