Online communication has turned into a common thing as Cognizant’s IoT solution has made it easy for 100 million people to talk with the physician.  This alarming thing has happened in the previous year as all the information was accessible from the glucose meter and the smartphone.

Other Examples

Some other firms are also utilizing the IoT networking for the ease of the services they provide like HCL Technologies and Zinnov. The IoT solutions for these IT firms are able to provide the remote monitoring service where the Chiller plants are monitored. Thus, the companies have total visibility on the chiller base installed at the sites of the clients. The IoT solution for both these companies is designed by Microsoft Azure Platform that successfully delivers the service of enhanced predictability.

As per the latest IoT updates, the IoT market can see a distinct growth of the services in the coming years. Zinnov stated this information related to the IoT market.

According to Jayraj Nair, the IoT head of Wipro, the IoT technology is largely utilized in the sectors of healthcare and asset management. Due to the smart connectivity among the various assets enabled by the IoT, extraordinary service efficiency is acquired.

Wipro is looking forward to implementing IoT networking more to enhance good profit in the digital services in the coming years.

Aspects of the IoT services

Some of the leading aspects of the IoT services are engineering, IoT System Integration & Deployment, and Consulting and Strategy. These aspects have expressed increased demand from the sectors mentioned above.

As per Zinnov, more companies are aiming to invest in the IoT services for enhanced asset security and uptime. Moreover, the investments can increase drastically in the future as per the IoT updates.