Waymo Sensors are more than just for the driverless cars

by | Mar 9, 2019 | IoT Companies

The exciting time of the year for tech geeks, the Mobile World Congress of 2019 has ended, and with this, the attention to the Internet of Things is turning back to real life world applications. A week ago, Colm Gorey covered a very important automotive Internet of Things deal between Vodafone and AT&T.

And as the current week is about to come to a conclusion, the American cellular network carrier has acquired another massive win. AT&T has claimed the certification of CTIA Internet of Things by passing the cybersecurity test.

Nevertheless, it is not always rainbow and butterflies when it comes to the security of devices based Internet of Things, according to a horrific report that has come forward.

The self-driving car division of Alphabet, Waymo has come forward with an announcement stating that the company is going to sell the custom-made LiDAR sensor to the other major companies.

As of now, the LiDAR sensors are used on the driverless cars for merely measuring the distance of the targeted objects. The sensors illuminate the targets with designated laser light to measure the reflected pulses. Nevertheless, these identified sensors can also be implemented in tech areas such as security, robotics as well as agritech.

According to the company, the custom made LiDAR sensors are specifically designed which makes Waymo the first ever company around the globe to deploy the self-driving cars on the roads confined to the public. The company said that they are developing the sensors which are now available to the companies who do not hold a specialty with the self-driving cars. Waymo wants the other significant companies to achieve the technological breakthrough that they desire.

Now coming back to AT&T, the device from AT&T has received the CTIA certification under the Internet of Things Cybersecurity Certification Program.

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