Volkswagen and AWS will bring a whole new world of cloud computing and IoT

by | Mar 28, 2019 | IoT Companies

The world leader as a carmaker Volkswagen has recently announced that it is collaborating with the Internet of Things as well as cloud computing technologies from the Amazon Web Service. And this will aid Volkswagen in connecting to a single platform from where it can manage its supply chain as well as the manufacturing plants distributed around the world.

Both Volkswagen and Amazon have come forward and signed a deal for building a service called “Volkswagen Industrial Cloud.” With the help of the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud, Amazon and Volkswagen will be able to manage the logistics and manufacturing process together. The recent venture of two world-leading giant in their respective fields is going to increase the efficiency of the plants along with its uptime, and on the other hand, they can also improve the rate of production, increase the quality of the vehicle as well as enhance the flexibility of output.

Volkswagen Industrial Cloud is going to associate the real-time data that comes from all of the 122 manufacturing plants of the carmaker to effectively assemble the pieces of equipment along with tracking the vehicles as well as the parts. The cloud solution in its long run is aimed at connecting over 30,000 facilities along with 1,500 suppliers as well as partners in the worldwide chain of supply of Volkswagen.

According to the Amazon Web Service, the German automobile manufacturer is going to utilize the Internet of Things for finding, organizing and collecting data. With the help of the modern day Internet of Things, Volkswagen will be able to run a range of sophisticated analytics of the data that come from the floor of the plant.

Volkswagen aims at improving the efficiency of its production and optimizes it in the long run. Volkswagen revealed that it is going to utilize the Amazon SageMaker as well.

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