Vodafone will bring IoT 5G case to life

by | May 9, 2019 | IoT Companies

As of now, the Internet of Things has become a mainstream technological platform. The yearly Internet of Things Barometer 2019 of Vodafone revealed that in the nearsighted future the Internet of Things adoption by the tech giants depends on how the technology is going to be implemented rather than when.

The report of 2019 suggests that around 34% of the companies are currently using the Internet of Things. In the story of the previous year, around 29% of companies around the world had adopted the Internet of Things. The 2019 report also features a prediction which states that 74% of the adopters are predicting that the companies which have not adopted the cutting edge technology will fall behind the competitors.

The present-day adopters are presently utilizing a wide array of connectivity options which are based on specific requirements. The present-day 76% of the Internet of Things adopters are utilizing LTE & LTE-Advanced network connectivity. A third of the companies are using WLAN or Wi-Fi were as a quarter of these companies are utilizing the Low Power Wide Area Networks such as NB-IoT as well as LTE-M.

Vodafone said that the licensed LPWANs networks had been specifically curated for the Internet of Things where only a small amount of data is required for communication. The robust battery life of the LPWANs makes the suitable choice for the IoT devices and sensors in the remote areas and the areas where the sensors are inaccessible.

Given that 5G network connectivity is not going to suit the low data and low powered IoT devices, the potential that technology possesses for Internet of Things has received wide recognition. By the looks of it, 52% of the adopters are going to consider using the 5G. Vodafone said that the of advantages 5G is going to drive the adoption of IoT as well as improved security.

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