The worldwide leader in IoT, Vodafone with near about 80.9 million of connections, lately announced the reports of its recent IoT Barometer. After surveying over 1, 758 business enterprises globally, the Barometer found that near about 34 percent of business enterprises use IoT today, out of which 70 percent have already moved beyond the pilot phase, and 95 percent are witnessing the advantages of investing in IoT as it goes into the mainstream.

While IoT is now being adopted in almost all the industries, the research pointed out that the IoT trends influence all businesses irrespective of their sector and size. 60% of business enterprises that use IoT today agree that the technology has either entirely disrupted their business or would be doing such a thing in the upcoming five years. 84% of IoT adopters reported increased confidence in the technology, with about 83 percent expanding the deployment scale for taking advantage of the benefits.

The most advanced business enterprises also witnessed the highest ROI in the IoT technology. 87% of the top-level businesses reported significant advantages from IoT, compared to only 17 percent in the initial level. 70% of the IoT adopters have said that this technology is very important for achieving their business goals whereas 8 percent of the adopters have reported that their whole business is heavily dependent on IoT.

Stefano Gastaut, CEO IoT, Vodafone Business, said, “IoT is central to business success in an increasingly digitized world, with 72% of adopters saying digital transformation is impossible without it. The good news is that IoT platforms make the technology easier to deploy for businesses of all sizes and NB-IoT and 5G will improve services and potential. In this climate, companies need to be considering not if but how they will implement IoT, and they must also be fully committed to the technology to realize the strongest benefit.”

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