Vodafone IoT Barometer shows confidence in the next-gen IoT technology

by | Feb 25, 2019 | IoT News

Vodafone will be providing around 80.9 million IoT connections. By the looks of it, the survey reveals that there are around 1,758 businesses in the entire world for Vodafone’s latest report based on IoT Barometer. According to the analysis of Barometer, around 34% of the businesses all around the world are utilizing cutting-edge IoT technology.

Around 70% of the adopters have reportedly transcended on the far of the pilot stage. On the other hand, 95% of the total adopters are looking forward to the benefits of the investment based on this technology, once the technology hits the mainstream adaptation.

Nevertheless, the cases of utilization of IoT varies from business to business; the implementation of IoT ranges from the exoskeletons to connecting the tires in a vehicle. The Barometer research also found out that the impacts of IoT on the businesses don’t seem to consider the sector and the size of the business. Around 60% of the businesses which are using the IoT technology have agreed to a revelation that it has completely disrupted the entire industry and even if the industry has not been disrupted till now, over time things are going to work out.

Around 84% of business adopters have shown a growth of confidence with IoT. And 83% of the establishments have made the scale of the deployments larger by taking the sheer advantage of the benefits that come with it.

The report has also been grading businesses in the utilization of IoT by merely assessing the strategy, implementations as well as integrating and deploying IoT. The report has also found that around 53% of the adopters are currently categorized into a superior couple of levels when compared with five levels. The American businesses are incredibly advanced when it comes to implementation of IoT technology. Around 67% of the total adopters of the technology fall under the first two level when contrasted with 46% of the businesses in Europe and 51% in APAC.

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