Vodafone and Arm will work together in simplifying deployment of IoT

by | Feb 26, 2019 | IoT News

Vodafone and Arm have come together with a tactical agreement which is going to reduce the costs as well as the complexity that is most of the businesses and organisations face when they opt for Internet of Thing. The partnership has brought together the worldwide IoT platform as well as connectivity of Vodafone and Arm’s Internet of Things and services for providing programmable enterprises.

The customers will be able to deploy the IoT devices securely and at  the same time manage massive numbers of these devices. The best part of the IoT devices are that  the customer and keep track of those things from a remote area.

Security, Fragmentation as well as the cost are the basic three limiting factors when Internet of Things are considered. Dipesh Patel, the president of the IoT services group of Arm said that the company believes that utilizing a strong ecosystem will play a crucial role in solving these challenges. The partnership is also going to allow some of the global enterprises in significantly reducing the complexity as well as the cost of making a connection with the IoT devices to scale with a hope that they can undergo a quick valuation from the IoT data via Arm’s Pelion IoT platform.

The IoT director of Vodafone, Stefano Gastaut said that the company is focusing on a single thing and that is to build the worldwide IoT platform along with connectivity. Vodafone is working side by side of Arm to unify their strengths together that will eventually help their customers in breaking down the barriers as far as complexity and cost is concerned.

With this alleged partnership, the companies can be able to remote provision and access the Narrow Band-IoT along with LTE-M technology to provide an open, secured and standardized base in deploying the IoT services.

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