Vietnamese IoT company Vingroup inaugurates new applied IoT research centre in South Korea

by | Mar 13, 2019 | IoT Companies

The largest private company of Vietnam, Vingroup, has established a research centre that would be focused on artificial intelligence, smart manufacturing plants, applied IoT technologies and robotics. This centre is located in Daegu City in South Korea which is also a renowned electronic hotspot. The objective of the research centre would be directed at development of products and solutions for the transportation and automotive sector.

Vingroup stated that this new research centre, VinTech Korea (VKR) is established as a part of a joint stock company, VinTech Technology Development that has investments amounting to US$ 11 million.

The latest IoT updates from the Deputy CEO of Vingroup, Vo Quang Hue, came on the occasion of the inauguration ceremony for the research centre conducted on March 4, 2019. He stated that Korea was selected for opening the first overseas office in the global research network of VinTech due to the higher experience in research and development as well as the higher creative index of the country.

He further added that investment and cooperation in Korea would help the organization in capitalizing on latest IoT trends to create and manage resources needed for high quality development activities and technology research. The primary research areas of VinTech Korea would be monitoring and control, industrial robots as well as LCD and battery technology.

An official statement from the company indicated that VKR would be associated with research, development and design of battery control systems (BMS) and electronic controller units for cars (VCU) in the first phase. The statement further reflected on the intentions of VinTech to leverage IoT automation in order to achieve efficiency in manufacturing of LCDs, electrical-electronic car components and industrial robots for phones, household electronics and automotive products.

VinTech has entered into a cooperation agreement with a Korean company named AJINEXTEK (AXT) that has over 100 chipset patents in the sector of automation and robots. This latest IoT news is bound to bring some radical advancement in the case of the IoT landscape.

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