Victoria farmers are incorporation $12 million for IoT test

by | Jul 9, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

The Victorian farmers are interested in getting their hands on the cutting edge Internet of Things technology. The farmers are planning to use this technology to run them. By the looks of it, the farmers have up until the 2nd of August for claiming the said grant.

According to the Australian government, for the next couple of years, Agriculture Victoria is going to partner up with a massive number of farms. On top of that, these farms are going to be set across four distinctive sectors and regions. The government also provided a list of the areas and industries, a dairy farm in maffra, grains farm in Birchip, Tatura’s horticulture, and sheep sector in Serpentine.

The 12 million Australian dollar programme will enable the farms to land around 30,000 Australian dollars for covering up two-thirds of the cost to purchase Internet of Things equipment. Moreover, a list has reportedly been put together by Australia’s state government.

The minister of Agriculture, Jaclyn Symes, said that he is working alongside Victorian farmers for understanding the working principle of the digitized technology. It is expected that the technology is going to revolutionize the businesses in the country. The government is looking forward to inviting the farmers to the trail of the groundbreaking Internet of Things tech.

Symes said that even if the Internet of Things program is in the trail mode, it is still one of the ambitious agenda of the country. The program is going to support the Victorian farmers by allowing them to be at the forefront of present-day agriculture. 

According to Symes, the farmers will be able to improve the productivity of the farm, along with its safety and efficiency. The first round of the Internet of Things program would end on the 2nd of August. The state government of Australia has been pouring in an insurmountable amount of investment to make the program greenlit.

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