Vervetronics released an AI-based Crane Monitoring Solution

by | May 14, 2019 | IoT Companies

VerveTronics Imagineering based at Pune is an acclaimed Internet of Things & Embedded product development startup has recently launched a complete solution. The overhead crane solution for monitoring provides the users with alerts related to brake gap, overload, electric consumption as well as maintenance.

According to the sources, the startup with currently partnering itself with the crane manufacturers. The solution is claimed to be the most advanced, wholly indigenous as well as crane solution for monitoring. The significant advantages of the solution are monitoring the effectiveness of brakes, alerts related to overload, tracking the overall usage and obstructive maintenance alert.

Vervetronics crane monitoring component for industries comprises a highly responsive design cloud/web application, hardware, sensor devices, an added application for smartphones, especially Android.

In the crane monitoring component, the connected sensors usually collect the information from several parts of the crane and then sends it to the crane’s Hardware Unit. And then the cloud server will collect data from the hardware box, and it will be displayed in the browser. The collected data will be stored for future use. The algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence tracks and alerts the users regarding preventive maintenance that will avoid significant breakdowns.

The sources also said that the weekly and daily reports are usually sent to the management via the email. The unit also comes with a provision that allows in demanding the reports directly from the website interface.

VerveTronics Imagineering is a company that focuses explicitly on the development of products. The products are curated with comprehensive engineering expertise, and the company mostly focuses on functional safety as well as software development.

The company has a dedicated customer base in both India as well as in Europe. Since its inception, the company has made a tremendous name for itself with its unique combination of domain knowledge, and engineering skills.

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