Verizon utilizes PenLight meters for IoT connections

by | Aug 1, 2019 | IoT Companies

Verizon is going to team up with the Peninsula Light Company in the District of Columbia’s Washington for updating the power of its utility. The collaboration will give rise to a robust distribution system with Verizon’s own platform Grid Wide Utility Services Intelligent Energy.

On the other hand, PenLight is also a cooperative member who serves a larger community base of the Gig Harbor. In addition to this, PenLight is also a member of the Peninsula Key located in Washington. Together, PenLight and Verizon are planning to replace the end-of-life meters in distinctive homes as well as businesses. There are around 33,000 members of PenLight with significant electric meters.

By the looks of it, Verizon is going to provide its cutting-edge network solution such as cellular connectivity to the electric meters. Product & Innovation of New Innovation Business director of Verizon, Jay Olearain said that the company would provide a groundbreaking end-to-end solution to PenLight.

Moving on to the Grid Wide, it is a manageable, IoT platform based on cloud which performs as a service. Grid Wide by Verizon has been specifically designed in helping the utilities by modernizing their systems. Contrarily, it is easier to remotely monitor, configure, and manage the end-points right in the midst of the service area. It can also improve customer service by creating robust operational efficiencies.

The relationship between both Verizon and PenLight is not a new thing. They did collaborate sometime in the past. However, Verizon has some peculiar similarities with the utility industry. Hence it makes complete sense that Verizon wants to use the new vertical for its IoT strategy. So far, Verizon did not reveal as to how many customers are using Grid Wide. However, it is working forward to add much more utilities. Grid Wide would allow PenLight’s operations team in foreseeing the issues and respond to them faster.

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