US Internet of Things start-up wants to debut in India

by | Jun 27, 2019 | IoT News

An unadulterated and pure tech start-up located in New Jersey; the USA that leverages the Internet of Things wants to put all of its focus in the South Asian country. The company intends to make its mark in the Indian market before the company makes its products and services available in other countries.

The US-based start-up is regarded as Smartiply, and the founder of the start-up are Mung Chiang, Junshan Zhang, and Kaushik Pillalamarri. Moreover, the company was founded back in September 2015. According to the sources, the founders want to reach out to the market where there will be an enormous amount of challenges concerning the deployment of the Internet of Things.

In India, the cities excluding the metro areas are facing a steep challenge in turning into connected or smart cities. By the looks of it, the technology executive has reportedly worked in several corporates whereas Junshan and Mung have deep expertise in the field of fog computing.

Fog computing is a critical infrastructure that provides uninterrupted connection where compute, data, applications, and storage is found somewhere in the cloud and the data source.

For instance, the ATMs are put into more comprehensive geography, and keeping stalk on these machines is quite difficult. On the other hand, most of the locations do not have broadband access; furthermore, these machines depend on the cellular networks more substantially.

The IoT solution of Smartiply plays an active role in enabling the data which can be streamed seamlessly. Furthermore, they are going to be streamed in the locations to support real-time monitoring. With Smartiply, the solutions will be able to perform the functions of both surveillance and security.

The founders also said that the product comes with a massive computing power along with a network that can power an entire platform.

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