Unlimit introduces R&D Centre in India’s Bengaluru

by | May 13, 2019 | IoT Companies

Unlimit is making plans to curate new opportunities as well as innovations for business in the Internet of Things industry. By the looks of it, Unlimit is going to focus on the custom-made projects, connected vehicles, supply chain as well as the anticipated industry 4.0 aka Industrial Internet of Things. The new R&D centre is going to play a pivotal role to expand the strategy of Unlimit. And now the company is planning to make a revenue of around $200 million by the year 2020.

By the looks of it, Unlimit features 85 employees, and it also has curated an ecosystem with 500+ certified partners around India. The company has set a benchmark for itself in just three years of existence. As of now, Unlimit is delivering Internet of Things offerings such as device management, connectivity, analytics, application platform, among others.

The company has joined forces with some of the most established stakeholders in the country such as Cisco Jasper, BSNL, Software AG Cumulocity Internet of Things, PTC and IBM Watson. The partnership will result in providing cutting-edge Internet of Things solutions to supply chain industry, automotive industry and industry 4.0.

The CEO of Unlimit, Juergen Hase said that the Research and Development centre is going to help the company in becoming a part of a much larger ecosystem. According to Mr Hase, the R&D will bring the organization close to their customers as well as vendors. The company wants to have a more intimate relationship with its employees.

The company reportedly organized InterThrone. By the looks of it, InterThrone is a contest meant for the tech professionals in India alongside IT students. With InterThrone Unlimit wants to deliver a platform that will curate and make the very best use of connected devices as well as the Internet. The company is going to do wonders with its dedicated R&D centre.

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