Ubirch, a blockchain startup raises crowdfunding for the cybersecurity solution

by | Apr 25, 2019 | IoT Devices & Sensors

Ubrich, a blockchain startup based in Cologne has recently curated groundbreaking security solution for both the Internet of Things industry as well as the network industry. Ubrich utilizes the cryptographic encryption along with blockchain tech for protecting the sensitive data. Ubrich was found in the year 2014, and the startup has finished up the second funding in the seven-digit European fiat currency.

Ubrich comprises extremely insubstantial client for the sensor firmware and at the same time matches the cloud backend of the product called “Blockchain for Things.” With Ubrich’s Blockchain for Things, the company is all set to deliver new Internet of Things models business. The company aims at the customers in the smart cities, energy supply, insurance, IoT start-ups, industrial as well as in logistics segments.

SchneiderGolling & Cie was in charge of leading the financing round. Dr. Rainer Minz said that Cybersecurity is one of the significant challenges in the networking systems in energy, medical and numerous other sectors. Ubirch comes with a scalable and compelling solution to take on the challenge of cybersecurity. The investor, Dr. Minz said that he keenly believes in the technological solution that Ubirch is bringing. In the long run, technology will bring an essential foundation for the future of the Internet of Things.

The Managing Partner at BAUWENS digital, Alexander Reich Huber said that the team at Birch and the newly curated had convinced them about the absolute future of cybersecurity in IoT. And this technology will change the security fundamentals of the Internet of Things. Dr. Reich Huber said that he could freely speak for the company that has reportedly receive a considerable amount of funding. Reich Huber is proud of the fact that BAUWENS digital has played a crucial role to carry on the investment for Ubrich.

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