U First Capital is going to invest with the division of Dow DuPont in the field of Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence

by | Mar 8, 2019 | IoT Devices & Sensors

Recently U First Capital has reportedly announced that the company is working together with DuPont Electronics & Imaging with intent of exploring investments in the cutting edge Internet of Things as well as startups for Artificial Intelligence. The venture is a perfect example of the “VENTURE CAPITAL-AS-A-SERVICE,” this is that U First Capital call the partnership.

The global R&D director of the DuPont Electronics & Imaging, Cathie Markham said that Artificial Intelligence, connectivity, and Internet of Things are transcending. And with this transformational phase, these industries are bringing the essential needs required for the groundbreaking materials. Markham also said that they are extremely well positioned and they are present at the front side of the technological shift that is potentially seen within the innovative-driven market. On the other hand, they are also very excited to tap right into the dominant network for the U First Capital to furthermore support the development of technology in the new areas.

Apparently, U First Capital did not disclose as to how much the company is going to spend, more precisely invest through its new fund. On the other hand, it also provides the catchy “venture capital as a service” to some of the significant corporations around the world by simply bringing forward an external revolution from certain universities as well as startups directly into the specific areas of interest of a corporation.

The U First Capital CEO, Ekta Dang said that they are incredibly thrilled to be working alongside DuPont Electronics & Imaging. Together both the companies are going to bring forward a customer-centric mindset, and they will intensely focus on creating excellent products as well as a solid technological base. The main motto of the company according to Dang is to leverage its strength as a technological wonder as well as network.

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