Trust Objects and Avent will offer comprehensive IoT solutions

by | Sep 12, 2019 | IoT Companies

Avent has recently combined its forces with Trusted Objects, a software company for providing comprehensive Industrial Internet of Things solution for its customers. Moreover, these solutions are for the low-powered Internet of Things devices.

According to the terms of the partnership, AVT is going to embed and implement native proprietary of Trusted Object. Moreover, it will be embedded in the microcontroller unit of customers. There is a highly likely chance that both the companies would also introduce Secure Element to ensure a higher level of security.

The security stacks of Trusted Object would enable the secure, easy connection between the Internet of Things network and the cloud. Later on, the advanced features that the Trusted Objects offers would also allow Avnet for efficiently personalizing Internet of Things devices as well as scale the engineering solutions.

Together, the companies will address the fragmentation challenge which the developers often face when they are about to secure the deployments of Internet of Things in the cloud. The alliance would also ensure the on-device and middleware IoT deployments in the low-powered devices which are extremely common in the Industrial IoT applications.

By the looks of it, the alliance would also ensure a faster time to reduce the cost of production in the market. Complexity and the higher costs take place when there is a security level at a distinctive level, and separate vendors manage it. The native security implementation of Trusted Object has explicitly been designed for the IIoT applications. It also provides a comprehensive platform for implementing and administering security all through the process of deployment.

Avnet also said that it would connect Trust Objects’ software directly to the cloud for completing the Internet of Things solution. And this happens the moment the Internet of Things solution is embedded in the MCU of a customer. The partnership will help IoT to grow on a large scale.

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