Trends about the Internet of Things + Geolocation

by | May 15, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

In the vast and massive world of Internet of Things, tracking and locating is the forthcoming frontier. For human beings, location tracking has become an integral part of their lives, most importantly when it comes to navigation. The conventional technologies aren’t only expensive; instead, they are confined to technical boundaries that prevent the success needed for scaling.

Combining both the Internet of Things and geolocation will make pinpointing the locations accurate and cost will be significantly low. Geolocation has been around for a long time; most notable integration of geolocation can be seen in modern day smartphones. The smartphones are integrated with navigation system unit such as GLONASS and GPS which provides real-time geo-spatial positioning alongside global coverage.

The geolocation services also provide the location for many objects such as internet-connected computers and speed radars. The conventional GPS systems previously lacked the indoor coverage, and at the same time, they were not power efficient. Due to the inadequacy of GPS, many technological advancements were made such as Ultra-Wide Band, RFID, LoRa, and Bluetooth.

There is a rise in demand for the Internet of Things, and at the same time, there is also a notable demand for the services based on geolocation. Experts suggest the Geolocation Services has to potential to become the core element for the future Internet of Things platform.

The benefits that integrating geolocation in the core of the curation of the Internet of Things will remove the need to separate the geolocation functionalities for numerous use cases. Additionally, it will also increase the potential economy scale.

The integration of IoT and geolocation will make interoperability and integration of the local sensors easier with other IoT elements. By combining IoT and geolocation, the resultant platform will pave the way to new horizons that have never seen or heard before.

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