Referring to the information from a cyber-security firm, Trend Micro (Japan, Country in East Asia) , the cybercriminals are finding alternatives and techniques to surpass the security quotient of the IoT connected devices to make money.

Trend Micro is currently running analysis on forums in different languages to extract more information on how cybercriminals are monetizing and decrypting the IoT connected devices. Trend Micro is lifting the covers and bringing everyone’s attention to the fact that the IoT connected platforms are at risk, said by Steve Quane, Vice President of Hybrid Cloud and network defense security of Trend Micro.

The results of the analysis reveal that the major cyber-criminal markets are Portuguese and Russian speaking forums where financial cyber-attacks are prominent. In these language forums, the cybercriminals are selling access to compromised routers, printers, webcams, and other linked IoT devices. These devices are vital for critical attacks.

The cybercriminals mostly run after the money and the IoT market is at its growing stage due to its recent implementation with 5G. There are updates on criminals discussing about interfering with this technological gain as well. The Industry and organizations must advance their security level to protect their work environments, Quane Said.

The report from the sources also claims that there is a hike in IoT attack toolkits which targets the consumer devices such as VR devices. The cybercriminals are also eyeing to attack the IoT devices after its implementation with 5G.

The cybersecurity firm, Trend Micro requests the IoT security experts to collaborate with the manufacturers to find a collective solution to eliminate cyber-security risks completely. The increase in these attacks will eventually weaken the industries and the consumers’ privacy. The analysis of different language forums is still running to extract more information on cybercriminal activities.

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