Traxens selected IoTerop LwM2M to power logistic and transport solutions

by | Apr 12, 2019 | IoT Companies

Most of the products that people use in their everyday lives have either been shipped by sea, air, ground or rail. And the shipping of products came to life due to rapid growth in the e-commerce industry.

Numerous e-commerce companies around the world are always in pursuit to be ahead of their competition by increasing their level of efficiency, optimization in delivering goods & service and a steep reduction in cost. By the looks of it, the Transport & Logistic companies have started entering the digitized era by embracing smart data.

With the help of the Internet of Things, software solutions that come with connectivity and sensors technology have provided life to containers as well as parcels. The sensors embedded in IoT devices send beneficial information by simply helping the Transport and Logistic organization for tracking and keeping the tabs on their goods. So the implementation of the standardized solutions for the shipping industry plays a crucial role to ensure that the investments made to the technology will stay viable for years.

The container shipping companies should also maintain a minimal level of standards in information technology. In the long run, this will benefit both the stakeholders as well as the customers. With the help of the minimal technical standards, interoperability of different parties can add value-added differentiation for moving the industry to digitalization.

On top of that, the shipping industry keeps on gaining the volume as well as scale. As the consumer demand, business models, and efficiency continues to evolve there is a need for development to bring forward a need for communication between the competing IT ecosystems. With the help of interoperability, the fragmentation in the industry can be shut out entirely.

Like every other industry, the shipping industry is also excited with the benefit from the opportunities that the Industrial Internet of Things possesses.

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