Traffic Technologies expand to the Internet of Things

by | Sep 3, 2019 | IoT Companies

Traffic Technologies, also known as, TTI, is the leader in the manufacturing of the technologies related to the road system. Recently, the company has revealed that it is planning to enhance its businesses and endeavor to different spheres. By the looks of it, Traffic Technologies is branching out into a couple of distinctive technological advancements, sensors for smart cities as well as data analysis.

According to the company, the Internet of Things brings curates better data analysis. Moreover, Traffic Technologies is located in Melbourne. The company has also revealed that it will make developments in the Monash University and the Monash Council with smart sensors. The smart sensors would help in making the city smart. In addition to this, the smart city control system would also comprise communications equipment, and technologies are revolving data analysis.

The federal government of Melbourne has generously granted a fund of around $700,000. Moreover, the development will bring forward the deployment of the i-sense platform of the company. The sources also suggest that the first phase of the event will take place in Australia’s Oakleigh regions.

Shane McCluskey, the Mayor of Monash, said that there isn’t a doubt that the community would benefit from the smart and connected platform that Traffic Technologies is bringing forward. The smart platform will provide information regarding the precinct located in Oakleigh. In the long run, it would also allow the Council with an increased ability to be responsive in maintaining and managing services and assets.

Traffic Technologies is also popular for its traffic controllers and lights along with the portable technology which is present on the roadside. Moreover, the company also curates the variable message signs, regulatory, and directional signals that are used in traffic. The smart city platform of Traffic Technologies is already present in the traffic lighting systems across New South Wales and Victoria.

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