Toys, Vibrators, and Drones are vulnerable to hacking

by | Sep 9, 2019 | IoT News

The group of three investors conducted a simple experiment to study the compromised IoT-connected security cameras. One thing led to another, and then the investigation led to the finding of the modern-day risks with the present-day Internet of Things devices. Moreover, the researchers also found out the ways to bypass the authentication system of the camera and then access its feed.

After they bypassed the security, the first thought that came to their mind that, what is the status of the other connected devices. Moreover, the researchers wanted to know if the other interconnected devices are vulnerable concerning hacking or not. Soon the researchers found that the toys of children, drones, vibrators which are generally found in homes are prone to hacking.

Alvaro Cardenas from California University said that their initial goal was to witness if the systems have been protecting the privacy of the users or not. After they began to dig things a little deeper concerning how these devices work and how these devices interact with each other. They realized that these devices were abused with unprecedented possibilities.

In the first scenario, the team did also show that it is incredibly more comfortable to hack the toys that children use, such as CogniToys Dino. By the looks of it, the attacker can easily access the sensitive information which children share with their respective toys. They can also communicate the child all through the toy.

In the usual scenario, children will talk to the toy that responds alongside realistic answers. The voice of the children is usually stored in the cloud. Furthermore, the researchers have also bought a dino toy and began to analyze the encrypted RTP protocol traffic that transmits audio in between the Dino toy as well as the cloud. The researchers found that the patterns did contain information regarding the crypto algorithm and the key.

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