Thirdwayv and Sectigo speed up deployments of the Connected Devices

by | Jun 6, 2019 | IoT Companies

The largest commercial certified Authority in the world Sectigo, a provider of the purpose-built and automated PKI solutions for management has announced that it will collaborate with Thirdwayv. By the looks of it, Thirdwayv is a leading end-to-end provider of secure connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things applications that are mission-critical.

The companies want to combine Certificate Authority device from Sectigo with that of the secure communication from Thirdwayv between the smartphone apps, cloud, and the Internet of Things devices. By the looks of it, the companies want to accelerate deployment of the systems which are completely resistant to significant cybersecurity attacks and malware which targets the affected wireless channels.

Thirdwayv’s VP and Business Development, Vinay Gokhale said that their customers rely on them in automotive, healthcare, also in the application of financial services. The customers want to protect the highly sensitive data that usually get communicated between the Internet of Things devices, cloud as well as in the smartphones.

Their partnership with Sectigo will give the companies an upper hand in addressing the demand for the convenience of controlling the Internet of Things devices. It will also access the IoT application along with data on smartphones. They are providing an all-around solution to speed up the utilization of the Internet of THings systems which comprises the robust embedded security protocol.

According to Business Insider Intelligence, by the year 2025, more than 64 billion Internet of Things devices will be live. There were only 10 billion IoT devices live in the year 2018. The Internet of Things deployment generates and shares a massive volume of sensitive data and grow the use of general smartphones that introduces another threat.

Thirdwayv and Sectigo will bring security and trust to these systems, which makes it possible for companies to build and scale the solution to development ecosystems quickly.

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