There is an absolute need for teachers to make IoT safe

by | Aug 16, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

Most of the students in the modern-day world are natives to the idea of digitalization. By the looks of it, the modern generation was born with a natural insight into how technology usually works. However, there is a sheer multiplication of the connected devices, and this is where teachers come into play. The teachers play a very crucial role in building a much secure digitalized world, according to the technical specialist of Fairfax, Virginia.

According to Gartner researcher, by the beginning of 2021, the connected devices or the Internet of Things will reach up to 25 billion. Moreover, these devices are also going to generate massive amounts of data. Additionally, this is making most of the experts of technologies to educate the future generations, concerning the interaction with much hyper-connected environment. 

In the present-day world, human beings and machines are interacting with each other. And this is something that is beyond the comprehension of modern-day human beings. CISCO’s Chief Security Officer, Edna Conway recently said to the educators who are presently attending the conference namely, Virginia Cybersecurity Ed at the notable George Mason University this week on Wednesday. 

In addition to this, there is a rise of IoT devices, everyday the adoption is growing through staggering multiplication. The smart devices such as doorbells, watches as well as intelligent refrigerators have been designed explicitly to improve the ease as well as efficiency to improve the daily life of people. On the other hand, the enhancing of digitalized environment is going through glasses with rose color. By the looks of it, this also ignores the potential of security as well as a privacy concern, according to Edna. 

It is clear as to how the digital natives can understand the ways of using the technology without being caught up in the dilemma of becoming potential digital citizens. People are in dire need to gain instruction on prioritizing the risk of personal data along with the important questions that they need to ask.

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