The United Kingdom wants to enact laws for making IoT safe in the country

by | May 2, 2019 | IoT News

The government of the United Kingdom is reportedly considering some new laws for making the sphere of Internet of Things safer. The Digital Minister of the country, Margot James has allegedly proposed new legislation which will make the companies manufacture the IoT devices with a unique set of passwords. The companies are also going to have to make sure that they will provide security updates at regular intervals.

The legislation will also introduce a new labeling system which will tell the customer as to how they can secure the specific IoT or connected devices. On the other hand, the labels will also determine the customers regarding the energy efficiency of the device. It is currently unclear about the implications of the legislative landscape in the country, given that the UK is still going through the confusion that Brexit ball has created.

On the other hand, the Finnish tech giant Nokia has also joined an initiative called the ConectarAGRO. The initiative helps in promoting the IoT-based applications to the agribusiness sector of Brazil. According to the Finnish company, the W-Lan or Wi-Fi wireless internet coverage in the agricultural areas of Brazil is less than 7 percent. And this is one of the reasons as to why the unified technological firms are combining their forces to aid 500,000 farms around Brazil for connecting with their farm fleets.

The companies are also planning to employ humanoid droid/robots, sensors to keep track of the moisture and temperature, GPS and aerial imagery via drones. And this seems like quite an improvement.

On the other hand, Telefonica is combining its forces with the World Tourism Organization of the UN. Internet of Things and big data are going to be used by the UN’s organization and Telefonica to enlist a better understanding of the behavioral patterns of the tourists.

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