The Unclonable Digital Fingerprint will boost security on IoT Device

by | Feb 27, 2019 | IoT News

The PUF technology also known as Physically Unclonable Function utilizes some of the physical imperfections of a microchip for producing unparalleled security to the keys which has the authenticated the devices that are generally linked with the Internet of Things. It has become essential to consider the fact that some of the experts on IoT expect that the technology will cross more than 1 trillion sensors (which are connected to the internet) in the term of five years. This brings out one conclusion and that it is extremely important to enhance the security of the Internet of Things devices.

With the help of ‘ZERO-OVERHEAD,’ the researchers will be able to generate two distinctive fingerprints for every single PUF. The zero-overhead utilizes similar components of PUF for creating both keys. It doesn’t need an extra area and neither does it require any latency because of its innovative design. The forthcoming PUF which is integrated with Zero-Overhead is going to be much more energy efficient than its predecessors.

The computer engineer and the assistant professor of Rice University, Kaiyuan Yang said that each of the PUF units could work in two distinctive modes. The first mode creates a single fingerprint, and the other mode provides the IoT device with another set of a fingerprint. The dual fingerprints are great when it comes to reliability. If the Internet of Things device fails to open in the first mode, then there is a second backup key. The probability of the failing of the second mode is significantly smaller.

PUF fingerprints come with numerous yet similar advantages like that of human fingerprints. The fingerprints are bonded with the individuals. No one can hack the fingerprint on the devices powered by next-gen PUF. On the other hand, the encrypted keys of PUF are bonded, unique as well as unclonable.

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