The transition of Enterprise Digital with Internet of Things

by | Jun 12, 2019 | IoT News

Back in the year 2018, PwC reported that around 31 billion Internet of Things devices are going to be utilized by distinctive enterprises by the year 2020. Moreover, the implementation of IoT devices will rise to 75.4 billion in the year 2025. By the looks of it, the trend of the Internet of Things is not going to slow down anytime soon.

A similar report highlighted that around 80 percent of the Chief Executive officers around the world believe that IoT played a significant role to uplift their business.

Implementation of the Internet of Things has been growing up unusually. An extensive amount of businesses are seeking new solutions to make the most out of their productivity. Nevertheless, when an organization encounters a new technology such as IoT, they need to have a proper technical background to operate the technology.

On the other hand, grasping the essential benefits of the Internet of Things can be challenging for the businesses.

IoT will benefit the following sectors around the world:

1- Transport – The transportation industry requires massive maintenance and management. IoT will be beneficial in switching on/off the road illumination. Moreover, IoT monitors the roads as well as the bridge conditions and at the same time, tracks the extended traffic jams in real-time.

2- Healthcare – IoT also help in running seamless diagnostics and provide prevention to tackle the illness. IoT in healthcare will track the health conditions of the patients in real-time via health-report and digital wristbands. The relationship between a patient and a doctor will also get better with IoT.

3- Manufacturing – When it comes to manufacturing, optimization plays a crucial role. During manufacturing, it is essential to prevent downtime problems. IoT will help in managing the supply chain & optimization of the production process.

Internet of Things can also be beneficial in both the finance and construction industries.

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