The time for cellular Internet of Things is here

by | Mar 9, 2019 | IoT News

If someone summarises the entire history of the Internet of Things, the only logical conclusion will be the Wi-Fi since the 90s Wi-Fi has been the to-go wireless option for most of the mobile applications.

The standard Wi-Fi is also known as IEEE 802.11, and it comes with a, b, g, n, variant. The standard Wi-Fi module offers massive output all through the wireless standard with hundreds of MB per second. Since the past ten years, Wi-Fi has made its way to homes across the globe. In privately owned organizations and companies, Wi-Fi has become a stagnant component of the organisation. As far as the smart building applications as well as smart home applications.

Nevertheless, Wi-Fi has got some extremely serious cons. For instance, Wi-Fi has a limited range when it comes to boosting signals. The minimum Wi-Fi range is tens of meters. And there is another drawback of the Wi-Fi and sometimes, it’s hard for Wi-Fi to penetrate through obstacles such as concrete. This is what makes the Wi-Fi communications extremely challenging across cities, large buildings as well as in most of the commercial places.

For most of the IoT devices, the higher rate of data with Wi-Fi is an overkill as well. As of now, it is speculated that when it comes to deploying and onboarding Internet of Things devices, the Wi-Fi can be a real turn off.

This is where the cellular IoT is going to make some groundbreaking changes. By the looks of it, the cellular IoT devices connect with the same broad-coverage as the smartphone. This is exactly the alternative of Wi-Fi. Beforehand cellular module very expensive, they used to drain ample of battery but with the advanced things have finally started to change. The costs of a cellular module are low, they work everywhere, and they are easy to operate.

The future looks good for Cellular Internet of Things.

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