The role of IoT in automotive sector and smart roads

by | Jul 1, 2019 | IoT Technology

The automotive sector is welcoming the IoT such as in-car infotainment, connectivity, cutting-edge fleet management system with open arms. However, the best part of IoT in the automobile industry is complete autonomous transport which is getting better over time.

The recent piece of development comes from MIT. Here, the researchers have announced that they are trying to collaborate with the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions which would give rise to a “roboat” leveraging camera, GPS, and significant other sensors, alongside inbuilt connectivity as well as computation. Furthermore, this would also give rise to the autonomous boats to travel around the 165 canals of the Dutch capital.

The team of Amsterdam Institute also uses roboats for smooth transportation of the passengers. Most of these roboats can be utilized to form structures such as footbridges. Moreover, many of them can be used in making giant structures such as the performance stages. Furthermore, the data which they garner can be utilized for monitoring air and water quality of a city.

Transportation Department of Utah has reportedly said this week that they are currently working on a couple of smart road projects. The instrumented sections of the road have been designed in delivering real-time information regarding the bad weather, crashes, as well as stalled cars. They would also alter the drivers of the connected vehicles in delaying alternate routes as well as info.

Panasonic is also a partner of the UDOT system which would stream data right from the sensors across the smart roadways to cloud’s central system. And all of this is possible with the help of a groundbreaking software architecture called CIRRUS.

Kymeta, the satellite communications company said the next-gen autonomous vehicles are the prototypes for future vehicles. Nomad, Microsoft have curated the first-gen advanced control/commands vehicles which move IoT hubs alongside numerous segments of network connectivity and edge instances.

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