The provinces of China will use IoT and blockchain for Transportation

by | Mar 27, 2019 | IoT Companies

Since 2014, Blockchain has become one of the most crucial technologies that the Chinese authorities are leveraging by overhauling the infrastructure of local transportation, based on a bulletin report which surfaced on 25th of March 2019.

Nevertheless, the newer plans are coming into being concerning the groundbreaking Blockchain technology. On the other hand, the state of the art Internet of Things, as well as big data, are also getting utilized for implementation in Jiangsu Province which is located in the northern part of Shanghai.

By the looks of it, the multi-year project plan is named as “Implementation Plan to Promote Transportation Infrastructure Development.” The aims at updating both the freight networks along with the passenger networks. The most significant benefits that come from the update is that it will significantly reduce the pollution level and at the same time increase the efficiency.

According to the report that comes from the bulletin, Internet of Things and blockchain will play a crucial role in the field of administration of logistics data. The translation of the report states that the Chinese Province is intensely developing logistics based on efficiency and internet. The logistics data will completely utilize the mobile internet service alongside of cloud computing, Internet of Things, the blockchain, big data among other groundbreaking technologies in making a significant improvement the conventional logistics transportation. Furthermore, this will efficiently integrate the technologies with different modes of transportation.

China has been known to utilize the blockchain technology for a very long time. China is also popular for using state-level blockchain and integrate them with different projects. And this might be the first time that the Asian country is planning to integrate blockchain and IoT for ensuring maximum productive that will come out with the utilization of these technologies.

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