The problem with the existing IoT Security in 2019

by | Mar 27, 2019 | IoT News

When it comes to the Internet of Things, well, they are growing. And this growth comes with formidable security concerns of the people implementing the technology all over the world. With the Internet of Things, more devices are being connected to the worldwide internet. And this helps the network to expand in a single way, and in turn, the volumes of data also increase. And the result of the growth of IoT is that the sensitive data or information of an organization is always at risk.

The present-day IoT devices have the poorest security solution. The greatest demerit with the IoT devices is that most of these devices are manufactured and distributed with a pre-existing password and username. And the worst part is the customers cannot alter the password as they do not have access to it.

In the 2019 Internet Security Threat Reports, most of the attack groups of hackers increase their focus on the Internet of Things because they have a weak entry point. And this point of entry allows the hackers in destroying and wiping out devices completely and eventually steal all the valuable data as well as credentials.

According to the report, the routers, as well as the connected cameras, usually make up to 90% of the total contaminated devices. And this makes every single IoT device ranging from a simple, smart LED bulb to the smart voice assistants extremely vulnerable.

And today most of the companies are utilizing the parlor tricks that they curate themselves deep in the software, and even this makes the devices quite insecure. Some people use the symmetric encryption, and this makes a password similar to all the devices. And if an attacker gets to hack a single device then he/she can hack all the devices with a similar network.

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