The problem of data on the Internet of Things

by | Aug 15, 2019 | IoT News

If people say that necessity is the mother of all the innovation, then it is also true that when it comes to change, it waits for none. By the looks of it, the latter is quite accurate in the present-day scenario. IoT has given rise to more conventional industries like that of logistics as well as manufacturing. Currently, the world is seeing an innovation which will drive several developments in the sphere of the Internet of Things.

The wearable technologies which people are using around the world are the earliest of the applications which can collect information regarding the habits of the users. One of the most notable companies is ManulifeMOVE, which is located in Hong Kong. 

The wearable technologies that surround the TZOA and AirCasting are also some of the notable examples. The applications of different industries include smart street lamps and waste management. Moreover, Hello Lamp Post curates the most effective intelligent lamps.

Most of the developments in the field of the Internet of Things also lack utter and simple consistency strategy of the industry. Then, there is a regulation that comes from the government for controlling the utilization of the Internet of Things technologies.

Baker McKenzie of Wong & Leow principal Anne Petterd recently said that it is considered that law across the world doesn’t keep up with the technologies. However, businesses across the world do not stop from being operated. If people wait for the law to catch up, then people would never possess anything.

On the other hand, simply sitting silent and mulling, the regulation would come into a crucial point is not a very distant future. Anne also suggests that the areas for organizations can actively look into the businesses in a proactive way for innovation. Even, in the long run, organizations can recognize the legitimate concerns related to regulators and consumers.

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