The priorities of the IoT developers in 2019

by | Apr 27, 2019 | IoT News

A recent study called the “2019 IoT Developer Survey” over 1,700 developers consider the connectivity, security as well as data analysis and collection as the three major concerns around the world. As the commercial Internet of Things is heading towards a new frontier, the concerns if the IoT has also got a new name, “developer Concern.”

The developers of the Internet of Things are the ones who are driving the commercial outcomes. According to the study, every two out of the three respondents are professionally working on the Internet of Things projects. By the looks of it, 39% of the developers are focused on the security of the Internet of Things whereas 21% of the developers are focused on connectivity, 19% on the data collection/analysis. Additionally, privacy and performance developers contribute 18% each on the developmental projects. Lastly, 16% of the developers focus on the standards of the Internet of Things.

The study also stated that 34% of the respondents focus on cloud Internet of Things platform, 27% on home automation and 26% of Industrial Internet of Things as well as industrial automation. In terms of CPU architectures for the restricted devices, the respondents use ARM-based MCUs, and the three most common architectures are 8-bit, 16-bit & 32-bit.

Eclipse Foundation’s executive director, Mike Milinkovich said that the current survey result is reflecting the challenges as well as the opportunities which IoT has brought forward and this suggests that the global market has accepted the Internet of Things wholeheartedly. On the other hand, the Internet of Things solutions, applications and devices are getting adopted around the words at an accelerated rate.

The developers are currently facing the challenges in performance and interoperability all across the key areas such as device gateways, cloud platforms, and constrained devices.

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