The primitive encryption bugs are still IoT and app

by | Aug 8, 2019 | IoT Devices & Sensors

The hackers always try to find enticing ways by which they can breach and undermine the essence of the schemes of data encryption. On Wednesday, there was a conference concerning Black Hat safety in the heart of Las Vegas. During the meeting, Sze Yiu Chau, a researcher at Purdue University, came up with a warning to the security community.

The researcher said that encryption also poses maximum vulnerabilities which were found over a decade ago. According to the researcher, the encryption vulnerabilities are still persistent today. Moreover, these issues are interconnected to an omnipresent blockchain-crypto system as well as encryption algorithm. By the looks of it, these algorithms play a vital role in protecting everything ranging from VPNs, web browser to messaging apps, and email.

The real problem doesn’t lie with the robust RSA specification, instead of how the companies implement these. The research of Chau entirely focuses on the flaws as to how the RSA cryptography would be set for handling validation of signature. In addition to this, research also ensures that a sender verifies a massive amount of coded data, & the name hasn’t been tampered or manipulated while the data came into being.

When a signature validation is not strong enough, it is easier for a third party to manipulate the said data. In addition to this, the third party can also send the fake data which looks like it originates from a reliable source. Daniel Bleichenbacher, a Swiss cryptographer, was the first person to demonstrate the said RSA signature validation. As of now, Bleichenbacher is working with Google.

Chau said that it is quite surprising when he got to know about an old problem haunting people in essential libraries. Moreover, after almost 13 years the people are still unaware as to how they should avoid this problem. Chau was present in the annual black hat conference to address and enlighten the attendees regarding this issue.

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