The perfect time to adopt IoT has finally come

by | Aug 13, 2019 | IoT News

The head of Wireless and IoT, Evan Cummack said that the present day is the perfect time to jump into the sphere of the Internet of Things. Recently, Cummack came up with a session called “The Internet of Things opportunity right outside the door.” The meeting came into being at the present year’s Twilio Signal conference, which took place in San Francisco.

According to the expertise of Cummack, the Internet of Things is giving rise to entrepreneurial whitespace. By the looks of it, space is much larger than mobile, PC and even the Internet itself. At a certain point of time if everything will be connected 24/7 to the Internet is one way or another. It will be tough to disrupt the entrepreneurial possibilities that lie ahead.

On the other hand, the massive amount of data can be utilized most innovatively and compellingly, which were deemed as incomprehensible. Moreover, Cummack has also run through a little bit of Internet of Things statistics. The statistics conclude that around $17bn VC funding has been poured into the Internet of Things startups, and this took place in the fourth quarter itself.

As of now, there are around 20 billion single-purpose IoT devices, which are live on the Internet as of today. On the other hand, about 127 of the new Internet of Things devices are being brought to life each second. The present time is not to early as it was predicted before as things are becoming a reality now. However, if people start investing in curating IoT startups, there aren’t many others who are doing the same.

Cummack also presented yet another statistics which suggest that around 60 percent of the entire Internet of Things device shipments are deemed as the consumer devices. Moreover, Cummack is intuitive about the fact that things concerning the IoT devices are much likely to change.

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