The Open Manufacturing Platform by BMW and Microsoft isn’t that open

by | Apr 10, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

BMW, the German leading carmaker and Microsoft in the previous week announced that they are teaming up to build software as well as hardware technology framework along with a reference architecture for the IIoT or Industrial Internet of Things. The companies are cultivating a community for spreading the solutions that come from smart-factory from all around the manufacturing and automotive industry.

Judging the press release, both the companies are trying to drive the development of the Industrial Internet of Things which in the long run will bring forward the future of the industrial revolution “Industry 4.0.”

To make their new goal come to life, the companies revealed that by the end of 2019, they are planning to attract a minimum of four and a maximum of six partners such as suppliers and manufacturer from the automotive industry as well the companies that do not fall under this category. Microsoft and BMW are going to roll out a minimum of at least 15 use cases which it operates in the real production environment.

And this undoubtedly sounds amazing, but it is also true that most of the companies rely on the proprietary systems which are essentially complex in nature. These systems are responsible for creating slow productivity as well as data silos. Every single company is trying to standardize the models of data which furthermore enables the scenario based on machine learning and analytics.

Nevertheless, open manufacturing will come to life only if the collaboration takes place in Microsoft Azure place. And this does not mean that Azure can bring the open manufacturing business model to life. However, it is the only cloud platform in the entire world that has an interest in the Industrial Internet of Things. So, Azure can make collaboration possible.

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