The Non-coder can easily bring new integration with Mindsphere

by | Apr 17, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

By the looks of it, Siemens is making things easier for its significant channels partners when it comes to curating the Industrial Internet of Things application with the help of the company’s acclaimed MindSphere platform.

Siemens, one of the significant companies from Germany, has reportedly announced this week, on Tuesday, that the company has integrated the MindSphere platform with Mendix. By the looks of it, Mendix is a low-code development platform that the German company took possession of in the year 2018. Siemens has acquired Mendix for $730 million.

The head of the Digital Industries Software division of Siemens, Tony Hemmelgarn said that the cutting edge technology from Mendix has the ability in empowering the customers who do not have a strong technical background. Now is the time that people should be benefitted from the low-code development applications which can transform the way the companies around the world approach to solving the problems of businesses. By integrating the low-code/no-code ability of Mendix, the MindSphere applications will be able to provide the capabilities which are unparalleled.

The recent announcement, on the other hand, was also a part of the more significant spring update for Mendix, based in Boston. By the looks of it, Mendix will integrate with SAP HANA which will eventually bring out the possibility for supporting the multi-cloud strategies. The Mendix Studio Pro will help the non-Information Technology employees in curating new business applications. On the other hand, inexperienced IT employees can integrate Artificial Intelligence capabilities to different platforms.

The company also said that Mendix’s acclaimed low-code solution would help MindSphere in providing the companies with cost-effective measures to quickly build up the top-notch Internet of Things applications. Mindsphere will then leverage the built-in connectivity alongside edge devices. Siemens has found a new way by virtue of which the dramatic shortage related to development talents can be aided.

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