The new RFID system will make “everything” a part of the Internet of Things

by | Apr 25, 2019 | IoT Devices & Sensors

A wide array of devices can turn into a network of IoT sensors such as coffee cups, pill bottles, frying pans, canes as well as many other objects that are not powered by electricity or battery. And this is possible with the emergence of the new RFID-based technology that comes from the University of Michigan.

The name of the RFID system is IDAct, and the tech is specifically designed to bridge the gap between the 14.2 billion electronic devices which are presently part of the Internet of Things technology. IDAct might also help the billion of “stupid” objects that are currently being left out of the picture.

According to the UM researches, the technology is the first step towards creating an enthralling Internet of Things experience. Alanson Sample, an engineer, said that they want to bring forward a world where the pill bottles of a patient can easily track their medication intake and at the same time the water glass monitors will be able to track the levels of hydration.

The technology will bring forward a possibility where the yoga mat will be aware of the exercises that a person does on it, and the mat will adjust the temperature, lighting along with the background music.

The researchers also said that the application technology could also benefit the old people who are in charge of geriatric care. IDAct can easily monitor the medication as well as the daily activities of the old people. The senior citizens around the world can stay independent for an extended period without needing to opt for invasive and expensive live-in care.

The RFID tags (battery free), as well as the RFID readers, will not dig a hole in the pockets of the people. Instead, it will only cost a few cents. The technology has great potential in the real world.

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